Wednesday, August 19, 2015, 18:00 - 22:00
Ruben Bellinkx
Musical Chair

For its contribution to the Project Space Festival Berlin, NuN is pleased to invite Belgian artist Ruben Bellinkx for his first solo exhibition in Berlin. His film "Musical Chair" (2007) will be presented as a 16 mm projection.

With this 6 minute silent film, Ruben Bellinkx explores the power of fascination exerted by a violent act which is as trivial as cruel; the complete destruction of a wooden chair by three aggressive dogs. Filmed within a minimal set up - avoiding any diversion such as color or sound - the beasts enter the scene one by one and join forces to demolish the defenseless furniture piece until they are sated.

The film displays a scene of a sacrifice in which the dogs, usually offerings, become divine beings. Bellinkx offers the viewer a possible catharsis. As a witness to the massacre, one can not deny the grace, and thus the magnetism that emanates from the almost religious ceremony.

Ruben Bellinkx, born 1975 in Wilrijk, Belgium lives and works in Brussels. He is an artist, adventurer and storyteller. His film, photo works and video installations depict a fantastic world of perverse games directed by the artist. Through these complex and beautifully filmed images, Bellinkx establishes an ambiguous relationship between man-made objects and animals. Bellinkx has had shows in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and India.
Source of the biography: Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India,

Artist website: Ruben Bellinkx
The film "Musical Chair" online on Vimeo
Photos (1) and (2): Etienne Ster. Photos (3), (4) and (5): NuN.