Saturday, February 23, 2013, 7-10 pm
Matthew Murphy & Jens Nippert

Realistissismus brings together two artists whose practices at first appear very distinct from each other, but who in fact share a strong interest in the human body.

Matthew Murphy is a painter and draughtsman obsessed by human anatomy, especially the female nude, and the melancholy and bleakness it can contain. His depiction of this somber human condition is filled with alcohol, alienation, and esoteric patterns, and is delicately rendered in the traditional techniques of drypoint etching.

Jens Nippert is a sculptor working in media as diverse as newspaper, cob, and ceramic, but always emphasizing the unique character of each material. At NuN, he presents a group of ceramic pieces which relate to body parts such as the hand or the head, though they are deformed through an artistic perception that, though it appears grotesque, is also based in a comical sensibility.

The exhibition aims to gather these two considerations of the human form into a beastly menagerie.

Matthiew Murphy (Canadian, born 1977) lives and works in Berlin. He studied Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London (2003 - 2005), where he received his Masters' degree and Human Biology at University of Toronto and McGill University (1997 - 2003). Exhibitions of the artist include shows at Siebdruckwerkstatt, Berlin and Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin (2011), at The Wyer Gallery, London (solo in 2008) and at Rove Gallery, London (2008).

Jens Nippert (German, born 1970) lives and works in Berlin. Amongst his recent exhibitions are ones at Augsburger Kunstverein "Nicht jetzt, Schatz/Couple Triple" (2013), Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (2012), Galeria Miejska Arsenal, Poznan, Poland (solo in 2010), "Access All Areas - a drawing exhibition" at Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin (2009), Cluster, Berlin (2007, 2008) and Autocenter, Berlin (2007).

Photos: Pierre-Etienne Morelle